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Watch Bonus // Ep20-2: Thanks from the Backers

Watch Bonus // Ep20-2: Thanks from the Backers

Bonus // Ep20-2: Thanks from the Backers

Ultimate Double Fine Bundle! • 6m 43s

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  • Episode 01: A Perfect Storm for Adven...

    Double Fine Productions launches a Kickstarter campaign to fund the development of LucasArts veteran Tim Schafer's first adventure game in over a decade. The world's reaction catches the studio by surprise.

  • Episode 02: A Promise of Infinite Pos...

    After the campaign’s record-breaking success, Tim is faced with the reality of having to start work on the game. Friends and mentors stop by the studio to discuss what made adventure games special and how the genre needs to evolve.

  • Episode 03: Codename Reds

    With the premise of the game in place, Tim begins assembling his team from Double Fine's talented pool of developers. A Chinatown bar crawl revisits the establishments that inspired code names for the studio's previous projects.