Get to know the members of the MASSIVE CHALICE development team and gain some insight on what it means to be working in the games industry with MASSIVE KNOWLEDGE, a new series from 2 Player Productions and Double Fine.

The series is currently in production with new episodes being released frequently during the month of June and July towards a total count of 11.

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  • MASSIVE KNOWLEDGE // Project Lead Brad Muir

    This first installment introduces Brad Muir, the creator and project lead of MASSIVE CHALICE and Iron Brigade. Each episode will focus on a different member of the team, exploring their individual talents and contributions to the development of MASSIVE CHALICE.

  • MASSIVE KNOWLEDGE // Producer Anthony Vaughn

    Episode 2 features producer Anthony Vaughn speaking about some of the tools and techniques that are useful to him in his position.

  • MASSIVE KNOWLEDGE // Designer John Bernhelm

    Episode 3 features designer John Bernhelm exploring the influences that helped shape the gameplay of MASSIVE CHALICE.

  • MASSIVE KNOWLEDGE // Design Intern Phillip Chung

    Episode 4 features design intern Phillip Chung demonstrating some of his work creating the maps and battles of MASSIVE CHALICE, along with the delicate balancing of stats to change the player experience.

  • MASSIVE KNOWLEDGE // Lead Programmer Chad Dawson

    Episode 5 features lead programmer Chad Dawson discussing his past experience with AI, robotics, and the RTS genre. A programming demonstration highlights some of MASSIVE CHALICE's AI routines and how Chad went about designing the behaviors of the cadence.

  • MASSIVE KNOWLEDGE // Programmer Dan McGarry

    Episode 6 introduces programmer Dan McGarry, who developed the over world "strategy layer" of MASSIVE CHALICE, the stage on which the epic timeline plays out the story of the heroes.

  • MASSIVE KNOWLEDGE // Art Director Mark Hamer and Concept Artist Derek Brand

    Episode 7 includes art director Mark Hamer and concept artist Derek Brand exploring the influences behind the look of MASSIVE CHALICE.

  • MASSIVE KNOWLEDGE // Lead Artist Geoff Soulis

    Episode 8 features lead artist Geoff Soulis extolling the virtues of learning multiple disciplines and workflows. Working in a small team, Geoff was tasked with modeling characters, environments, rigging, and basic animation.

  • MASSIVE KNOWLEDGE // Senior Graphics Programmer David Farrell

    Episode 9 is an exploration of the technical side of graphics creation with senior graphics programmer David Farrell. MASSIVE CHALICE had a tight budget but still managed a unique look thanks to many clever graphics techniques adapted to the Double Fine buddha engine.

  • MASSIVE KNOWLEDGE // Graphics Programmer Matt Enright

    Episode 10 continues the graphics discussion with programmer Matt Enright, who's love for the medium was so great he built his own graphics engine. Here we get further into the discussion of shaders and the pros and cons of working with different engines on the market.

  • MASSIVE KNOWLEDGE // Technical Artist Panya Inversin

    Episode 11 concludes the MASSIVE KNOWLEDGE series with technical artist Panya Inversin. Drawing from backgrounds in both math and art, the technical artist is often the one to bridge the gap in the production workflow between artists and programmers. Here Panya explains the careful approach to ...